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2016 China Table Tennis Tour Initiated in CTTC

2016-06-06 10:44:45

With the coming of International Museum Day, 2016 China Table Tennis Culture Tour and Poetry Exhibition of Olympic Champions was initiated in CTTC on 14th May with promoters including Press and Publicity Department as well as Table Tennis and Badminton Administrative Center of China General Administration of Sport, China Table Tennis Museum, Beijing Cyber Culture Development Co., Ltd. The activity attracted lots of famous table tennis players, enterprises, fans and students to participate in.

2016 China Table Tennis Culture Tour which is leaded by CTTA, will be hosted in turn in Shanghai, Beijing, Yichang and Anshan.As the first stop of the tour, Shanghai welcomes anyone who is interested in table tennis.

After the initiation ceremony, CTTC received 24 gift poems which depicts elegant demeanor of Olympic Champions of China.

The former vice-director of the China National Sports Commission and the honorary life president of ITTF Xu Yinsheng, the former head coach of China women table tennis team and the world champion Liang Geliang, and Liang xiaoyun, who is the daughter of former coach of China table tennis team Liang Chaohui, they donated many historically as well as culturally valuable items such as rackets exchanged in Ping-Pong Diplomacy, gold,silver and bronze medals in the 48th WTTC, the gold medal of Men’s double in 34th Birmingham WTTC, table tennis manufacture machine and so on.

Afterwards, the guests and audiences viewed more than 70 precious early table tennis collections offered by ITTF Museum.

Later they took pictures with seven most important trophies of table tennis. There were also many popular table tennis interaction activities like challenging pro-athletes, receiving technique instruction and so on. Meanwhile, the host and Shanghai Mizuno Co., LTD provided participants with rich prizes. Andin the forms of interactive experience, collection display, and board display, the tour helped participants find the charms and essence of table tennis.

ITTF Museum aims to inherit and promote the culture and spirit of table tennis. It’s a world-class single-sport museum that functions as a place of table tennis antique collection, table tennis history display, culture education, academic research, international communication and training, mass exercise, and derivative demonstration of table tennis culture industry. 2016 China Table Tennis Tour lays a good foundation for ITTF Museum to be a base of social practice and of citizen education, and to build a platform of cultural communication of table tennis in the future.