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Liu Guoliang (Guest Professor)

2016-09-21 14:43:10


 LiuGuoliang (1976- ), male, born in Xinxiang, HenanProvince, is a Chinese famous table tennis player, the current chief coach ofChinese table tennis men's officials, and the head coach of Chinese tabletennis officials. Liu is a right-hand pen-holder with close-table fast attack,the first Chinese men's singles Grand Slam of the World Table TennisChampionships, Table Tennis World Cup and Olympic Games, and he won several singles champions and doubles champions with Kong Linghui. Liu is the firsttable tennis player who successfully applied the technique of backhand attackin pen-hold grip. On August 8th, 1999, Liu won the championship in the 45th World Table Tennis Championships men’s final. In January,2011, Liu was honored with senior colonel. On February 26th, 2013,the State General Administration of Sport’s Table Tennis and Badminton Sports Management Center appointed him as the adjunct headcoach of Chinese table tennis officials.