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General Office

2016-09-21 16:31:41


The General Office is responsible for administration andteaching management of China Table Tennis College(CTTC); and to take therelevant work of the Secretariat of CTTC Council. The following are thedetails:

(1) To draft documents like work plan, schedule, summary, reportand resolution for the Party Administration Office and the Council of CTTC; andto organize, draw up and amend the rules and regulations of the College; and topublish notification, announcements and decisions according to the importantworking agenda of the College(Council) authorized by the college leadership(Council).

(2 )To organize and arrange important meetings and activitiesfor the College (Council), taking notes, printing and distributing the minutes,and examining the implementation of the decisions of the meetings.

(3) To print the official documents, sent documents. Letters andnewspapers for the Party Administration Office (Council); to process the officialdocuments (both from the college and out of the college); to master the use ofthe school’s seal, administrators’ seals and introduction letter.

(4) To coordinate the relationship among the various departmentsof CTTC and the relationship between SUS and other departments; to register andcheck the fixed assets of the College; to undertake accounting andreimbursement tasks of the College.

(5) To be responsible for the student enrollment, academicrecords, attendance, as well as teaching plan, teaching outline and semesterteaching plan management; to declare and register the grades of the athletesand referees; to keep graduate students thesis proposals, thesis and graduationqualifications on file.