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Teaching Affairs Department

2016-09-20 16:39:04


The Teaching Affairs Department is responsible for teaching the undergraduate andthe postgraduate. The following are the details:

(1)To undertake all kinds of table tennis courses for both undergraduate andpostgraduate students of CTTC and SUS.

(2)According to the law of education and teaching, endeavor to carry out theresearch of teaching; to organize the teachers to develop, amend and improvethe teaching syllabus of all kinds of table tennis courses; to discuss andwrite new teaching materials and teaching reference books and implement them.To organize teachers to launch excellent courses and promote online coursesconstruction.

(3)To implement the teaching plan and carry out the teaching tasks.

(4)To activate the teachers to engage in collective lesson preparation, teachingclass observation, teaching experience and information exchanges, teachingmethods and means research, ensuring a constant improvement of teaching leveland quality.