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Training Department

2016-09-19 16:40:01



The training department is responsible for following thetraining and the competitions of the sports teams, International students andother training personnel of CTTC. Details as follows:

(1) To be responsible for the enrollment, training andcompetition tasks of the sports teams in CTTC; to undertake the varioustraining and competition tasks of international students and athletes; toassist in registering athletes.

(2) To scientifically formulate and implement the trainingprograms; to comply with the training system of the sports teams, andconstantly innovate training methods and means to effectively improve thequality and effectiveness of training.

(3) To make competition plan, doing good preparation and beingreadily for incident command before the competition, and after that,summarizing experience as well as lessons; to satisfactorily engage in allrelevant competitions formulated by CTTC.

To educate the athletes about their thoughts and be in charge ofthe daily management; to urge the athletes to comply with the rules andregulations, learn cultural and business knowledge and arrange after-schoolactivities well.