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Scientific Research Department

2016-09-18 17:36:41


The ScientificResearch Department is responsible for the scientific research and academicexchanges. Details as follows:

(1) According to theconstruction and development objectives and tasks of CTTC, formulate medium andlong-term development plan and annual scientific research plan; to formulatethe scientific research management rules and the implementation details.

(2) To undertake theconstruction and management tasks of the subject, scientific and researchplatform and laboratory; to introduce the high level academic backbone andacademic leaders; to innovate the construction and management of the team.

To organizedeclaration and implementation of various research projects; to completescientific research and technology service projects of General Administrationof Sport of China; to provide multidisciplinary research for the national teamas supports for preparing the Olympics and other World Series.

To be responsible forthe management and use of scientific research files and take the scientificresearch statistics and confidential tasks.

(3) To be responsiblefor domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation of CTTC.