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2016-05-24 16:41:22

On September 17th, 2010,Shanghai Municipal People's Government and General Administration of Sport of Chinasigned an agreement toco-build China Table Tennis College in Shanghai University of Sport together. China Table Tennis College is a higher sports institute built by theShanghai Municipal People's Government and the General Administration of Sport of China, located inShanghai University of Sport. Up to now, the China Table Tennis College is the only sports collegethat focuses on promoting table tennis.

The China Table Tennis College has five departments and one office. They areteaching department,training department,international communication and training department,department of culture cultivation for the national team,andgeneral affairs office. The college is mainly responsible forsuchtasks as the cultivating of table tennis talents(including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral), the cultivating of elite table tennis players, the scientific research of table tennis and international training and promotion.

The China Table Tennis College has a first-class physical training center and training venue,as well asteaching and research facilities. The college is an independent college featured bytable tennis training, teaching and scientific researches.Apart from our won talented faculty,the College also engages well-known table tennis coaches as training supervisors, and boastsa high level table tennis team. Therefore it can provide students, athletes, coaches and researchers from home and abroad with quality training, learning and research conditions.It has a European Branch located in Luxembourg. According to the bilateral agreement,China and Luxembourg will exchange players for training and cooperation.

The college practices the Principal accountability system under the leadership of the Council. The council is composed of Honorary Presidents and leaders from the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC), Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Department of Science, Technology and Education of GASC, Table tennis and Badminton Center of GASC, Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education of Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission,Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and the College etc.

The college has set up sports training direction (table tennis) undergraduate major and also recruits physical education training direction (table tennis) master’s graduate students and doctoral candidates.

The Collegeaims to fully implement the party and the national education policy,toadhere to strategy of strengthening the nation with sports, toexplore the the new system and new mechanismcalled“sports-education combination” ,tocultivate high level table tennis talents,and tospread the “national sport” culture. The college orientation is to build our college as a collection of “teaching, training, research and development, training, competition and foreign exchange”. The collegeis to become a world-class specialist school containing all levels and topersist in combination offormal schooling and regular training. We will perform the five major functions(higher education teaching and high level athletes training, domestic and international training, scientific research, international exchanges and cultural dissemination)to focus on cultivating table tennis elite with internationalhorizon, outstanding talent, innovation spirit. We will gradually achieve “three goals”——(1) to become the training base for athletes home and abroad, coaches and referees, table tennis sports management personnel ,(2) to become a base of “national sport”culture dissemination for education and cultural exchange,(3) to become a demonstration base of“sports-education combination” in China.

The College currently has 116 undergraduate students and 25 postgraduate students.