The Second International Forum on the Development of Table Tennis

2017-05-24 11:54:55

To further promote the popularization and development of table tennis around the world and encourage the academic exchanges in table tennis and related fields, the Second International Forum on the Development of Table Tennis organized by China Table Tennis College will be held on October 21-22, 2017 in Shanghai University of Sport. Hereby notify the related matters as followed:

1.       Date:

October 21-22, 2017

2.       Venue:

Shanghai University of Sport, Shanghai, China

3.       Organizer:

China Table Tennis College of Shanghai University of Sport

4.       Participants:

Researchers engaged in table tennis teaching, scientific research and other related fields.

We will invite the officers of ITTF, Chinese Table Tennis Association, the State Sports General Administration of Sport of China and the coaches and athletes of Chinese table tennis team to attend the Forum.

5.       Subjects:

This forum explores the development trend and hot issues of table tennis, mainly in the following areas:

l  Technical-tacticalanalysis

l  Biomechanics

l  Fitness training

l  Psychology

l  Physiology

l  Medical

l  Nutrition

l  Culture transmission

l  Management

l  Training

l  Coaching and Teaching

l  Doping

l  Children intable tennis

l  Players’ adaption to rule changes

l  Umpire

l  Information Technology

l  Sociology/economics/development

l  Equipment design

l  Others

6.       Language:

English or Chinese

7.       Forms:

Special talk, oral report, poster presentation.

8.       Callfor Papers

1)      There is no review fee for submissions.

2)      Each participant may submit 2 papers as the first author at most.

3)      The author takes sole responsibility for his or her views and the abstract is required to be unpublished with no evidence of academic misconduct.

4)      Submission instruction: Participants are asked to submit abstracts in Chinese or English. The template can be downloaded on the official website (

5)      Paper submission E-mail:

6)      Paper submission due: August 31, 2017. The accepted list will be published on the official website on September 15 and the printed abstract book will be provided to the delegates.

9.       Contact Information


Contact person: HOU Shuang (from the Research Department of China Table Tennis College)

Forum site:

10.    Charge:

Registration fee:

     Early Bird registration until September 20, 2017, 180 $ per person,

     Registration is opened until  October 10, 2017, 200 $ per person.

The travel and accommodation fees are covered by the participants.


For more information, please follow the subsequent announcement of the forum.




ChinaTable Tennis College

Shanghai University of Sport

May 18, 2017